Welcome to my website on my favourate things

created by Aydn 9dit tawa college

my three favourate this are

  1. cook island food
  2. Hockey
  3. world of warships

My first favourate thing is Cook Island foods

It is my favourate thing because when i went to Rarotonga. It was what i had to have at my mum and dads wedding and it taste really good so my nan started to give it to us and i've loved it since then.so now it is one of my favourate things to eat and enjoy because it is part of my culture.

My next favourate thing is Hockey

i played HocKey for the frist time when i was only 6 and i've played ever since then and it has been amazing i remember getting player of the day and a chocolate bar and growing throght the years to where i am now and making new friend like William and Sam and Josh and this is why is one of my favourate things to do and play and i will always love to play.

My last favourite thing is World of Warships

World of Warships is my favourite competer game becuse my friend got me to play and i did really well so i kept playing and it was fun and i kept winning games so i kept playing then he invited my to join a clan so i did and now im in one of the best clans that i can join so that is why i like world of warships and it is the best out of all the wargaming games and i also play world of tanks.and now i think that it is one of my friends favorite things to play as well so this is my last favourite